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We are happy to offer hospice foster care homes to dogs nearing the end of their journey. These dogs are often abandoned at shelters simply because they are old or when their care has become a burden. The chances of these older dogs being adopted from the shelter are extremely low. Shelters also do not have the funding nor rescources to deal with major medical problems for sick dogs, so when elder dogs come into the shelter, they are often euthanized shortly after arriving. Instead of living out their golden years in a home with a human who loves them, they are forced to live out their last days in a shelter, scared, confused, and alone.


We have been able to help by providing hospice foster care to these dogs so that their final days are filled with happiness, love, and peace. In a hospice home, these dogs receive the quality meals, veterinary care, and attention that they have likely missed out on for their entire lives. For some dogs, their hospice home will be the first time they've experienced life off of a chain or even being indoors. When it is time to say goodbye, they will cross the bridge in the arms of someone who truly loved and cared for them when it mattered the most.


Currently in hospice

Donations to hospice care are always greatly needed and appreciated so that we can continue to provide for these dogs. If you would like to become a hospice care foster home, please fill out our online application and someone from our team will get back to you soon.

The dogs listed below are currently in hospice care foster homes. Please read their individual stories to help get to know them better alongside their photos. Even though these dogs will be in our lives for a time that is much too short, we cannot describe the impact that they have on us. We may only be lucky enough to spend a few weeks or months with them, but they will remain in our hearts forever. We hope you will allow them to enter your hearts as well.

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