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We often come across great educational/training resources for not only Pit Bull owners, but dog owners in general.  We have included these links here to assist you in dealing with issues you may be facing with your dogs.  If you have an article or resource that you think would be helpful, please email us the information at

Maestra k9 Services

Fantastic trainer/resource for behavior issues or basic training/guidance.


Science says pit bulls Much less aggressive than other Breeds

Great Article that show just how far down the scientific list "pit bulls" are on the aggression scale

Moving With a Pit Bull (or other so called "Dangerous Breeds")

If you have a move in your future, please read this article with tips on how to move AND keep your dog!


Pit Bull Rescue Center (PBRC)

Great resource for Pit Bull owners and advocates

Understanding "Pack Behavior" (you might be surprised!)



Click HERE to read an article by Victoria Stilwell on understanding pack behavior.

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