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Foster homes are the most important part of our rescue and without them, we simply could not continue saving lives. We need your help to mold our little shelter babies into better canine citizens to get them ready for adoption. Please read the information below to learn more about becoming a foster parent for a dog in need.


All fosters must complete a Virginia Paws for Pits foster application and have an approved home check prior to fostering. Our application can be found here.



Virginia Paws for Pits covers all vetting and medical expenses related to your foster dog while they are in your care as well as general supplies as they are needed. We ask that fosters provide food, but we will supply food if needed. Fosters should contact a Virginia Paws for Pits representative if they need any additional supplies. Fosters are encouraged to save all receipts related to the care and transport of foster dogs because any expense not turned into VPFP for reimbursement is tax deductible, including travel expenses to/from adoption events. 



We frequent events throughout the year and will add to and amend our event calendar as we commit to additional events. We encourage our fosters to attend at least one adoption event per month. This is not a requirement as we take into consideration location of the foster and also the individual temperament of the dog, but it is strongly recommended. Please let a Virginia Paws for Pits representative know which events you plan to attend at least one day ahead of time. 



We will post and promote your foster dog through adoption events, our website, our Facebook page,,, and You are welcome to post and promote your foster dog independently as well, but please direct all serious inquiries to us or instruct interested parties to fill out an adoption application which they can find on our website, Please do not lead anyone to believe they will be able to adopt your foster dog until a Virginia Paws for Pits representative has approved them for adoption.  



First and foremost, Virginia Paws for Pits requires that you give your foster dog the utmost in love and affection and ask that you treat them as your own while they are under your care. Please work with your foster dog on learning basic obedience and acceptable house manners. VPFP does not condone or approve of the use of negative training methods such as choke chains, prong collars, shock collars, or physical punishment for any of our foster dogs. If you are having a specific training issue, please contact a VPFP representative to put be put in touch with our trainer. Please send us photos and updates of your foster dog as often as you can. The best photos to attract adopters are those taken outside or in a neutral environment.      



We are always actively looking for homes for our dogs. Even so, some dogs may spend longer in our program than others. We ask that our fosters are aware of this and don't expect a "set" amount of time to keep their foster dog. Foster families should be prepared to care for their foster dog until we are able to find them a forever home.


If you have questions about fostering and would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to email us at




We can't wait to have you join our team! 

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